Foundry Valve guides



Manufactured with tooling developed by our company to achieve an internal finish of hardened and with a roughness that ensures the useful life of the piece. The material used is cast iron gray type SAE G 3500 according to factory standards and requirements, surface heat treatments such as PHOSPHATE or NITRURADO.

We also develop special lines according to the specific characteristics of each engine and the specific requirements of them.
Specific alloys such as ferro-phosphorus or ferro-chromium are examples thereof.


The quality control of the products is a constant in our company.

Each of the 300 INDY products are manufactured to work according to the needs of the increasingly demanding modern engines.

The technical staff is trained to continuously improve quality.

The training of operators has one objective: the self-control of their operations. The incorporation of advanced technology in digital CNC machines improves the cost-product ratio and increases the quality of the 300-INDY auto parts.

300-INDY has modern facilities located in Rafaela, Santa Fe province, Argentina.

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To facilitate identification in cases of doubt, we outline the form of the guide, giving as a symbol a letter (A, B, C, etc.)

The following is indicative to the form of the guide. The particular characteristics are indicated with figures ranging from 1 to 8.

1) External slot for the seat of the fixing ring

2) Recess

3) Tapered tip

4) Internal camera

5) Lubrication hole

6) Internal camera at the end of the Guide

7) Lubrication fillet

8) Total Lubrication Fillet

300 INDY

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